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Instructor Jeremy Yates

3rd Degree Taekwondo Black Belt

Jeremy Yates started training at Monterey Bay Taekwondo Academy when he was 10 years old.  He has since been part of the academy’s award-winning Demonstration Team, the Leadership Team and Team MTA, the school’s elite competitive sparring team.  He received his first Tae Kwon Do black belt in 2008 and is currently a 3rd Dan black belt. 


While he was competing at the State and National competitions, he was also coaching his fellow teammates and has been an effective part of the coaching staff at Monterey Bay Taekwondo Academy.  He has been actively coaching Team MTA and teaching classes since 2010.  He was also the instructor for the Taekwondo Club at the California State University Monterey Bay in 2013. 


Mr. Yates is currently working towards obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Business at the Monterey Peninsula College.  He is also under strict training under Master Lee for his 4th Dan Black Belt.  He is very close to his goal of being an official Taekwondo Master.

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