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3-Step & 1-Step Sparring and Ground, Chair, Hand Self-Defense Techniques

YouTube links for Monterey Bay Taekwondo Academy’s instructional videos covering specific belt level sparring and self-defense techniques can be emailed to students.

These videos should only be viewed by Monterey Bay Taekwondo Academy (MTA) students and their parents/guardians who wish to help in their learning.  We ask that you refrain from sharing these links with other belt levels and people outside of the MTA family.

The instructional videos include:   


  • 3-step sparring techniques   

  • 1-step sparring techniques   

  • Ground self-defense   

  • Chair self-defense   

  • Hand self-defense

Please note, the instructional videos are to supplement the training that students receive at Monterey Bay Taekwondo Academy and cannot replace actual classes.

Call the office at 831-384-8300 or see Mr. Robin Nowak at the office to receive instructional video links via email (or send an email request to the office at

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