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Welcome to SWAT & STORM Team! 


It stands for: Special Winning Attitude Team  & Special Team Of Role Models

These students have been hand selected to become part of an elite group of martial artists within our school.  They have earned the respect and recognition of our instructors through dedication and continued enthusiasm to be role models for not only fellow students, but also for the community.  As a leadership team, these students will learn the basic concepts of teaching.  They will also have hands-on experience by assisting in regular classes.  This will enhance their leadership and communication skills and improve their patience.  The goal for the SWAT & STORM team is to achieve Black Belt Excellence for everybody in Monterey Bay Taekwondo Academy.


Monterey Bay Taekwondo Academy’s award-winning demonstration team trains for performances every Tuesday at 6:30 PM.


The demo team has performed in numerous events in Salinas, Marina, Seaside and Monterey.  The team has gained recognition and earned awards from its performances in the Monterey area.  It is also a staple attraction at the Monterey County Fair.    The team’s performances are always inspiring and fascinating to watch.  Children and adults alike will benefit in seeing such exceptional martial arts talent.


Performances promote discipline, exercise and team spirit, among others.


For booking information, please call us at (831) 384-8300


This the academy’s elite, competitive sparring team comprising the best and most hard-working Taekwondo athletes in the Monterey Bay area.  


This powerful team trains twice a week, Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 and Fridays 6:30 to 8:30. Every student strives to be invited to this team, which has come to represent Monterey Bay Taekwondo Academy. They compete all over California and in several State and National competitions, gaining bronze, silver and gold medals wherever they compete.


Team MTA training is more vigorous than any other class’.   Training is focused on speed, power, endurance and Olympic style techniques. Their full potential is truly reached through Master Lee’s instruction and coaching. With hard work and dedication, students in Team MTA can reach the ultimate goal: fighting for the US Olympic Taekwondo team.


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