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Assistant Instructor Yeji Shin

1st Degree Taekwondo Black Belt

Ms. Shin started as a white belt in 2010.  She has always been very attentive and focused.  As her Taekwondo skills progressed, so did her ability to be an encouragement and inspiration to her fellow students.  She worked hard, went through rigorous training and testing, and finally received her Black Belt in Taekwondo in May 2014.  Since then, she has been volunteering her time and skills at our academy to teach. 


She is an assistant instructor and teaches up to 20 students with varying ages and skills.  She also assists in our leadership class and helps train our competitive sparring team.  She is also an active member of our award-winning Demonstration Team.  Ms. Shin is a very effective leader and a great example to students in our academy and the community.

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